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Inclusive Schools Trainings

Our Family Coalition


Inclusive Schools Trainings

Our Family Coalition


Rick Oculto at a staff trainingTeacher Trainings and Professional Development

Each of OFC’s outstanding and practical workshops include:

  • Content learning, lesson plans and book lists​ that support teachers to have effective
    and developmentally supportive dialogue when teaching LGBTQ History
  • Reflective activities​ that allow participants to connect with their intersectional identities,
    gender stories and explore the dynamics of implicit bias to better challenge gender stereotypes
  • Current language and techniques​ to support families and teachers to talk more fluently
    and comfortably about all types of difference
  • Frameworks and models for effectively organizing coalitions​ interested in accountability
    and policy change in schools and organizations

Workshop topics:

  • LGBTQ History​: Teaching the New California History and Social Science Framework
  • LGBTQ-Focused Education Law and Policy​:​ Understanding Obligations and Protections
  • Implementing LGBTQ History:​ From Policy to Practice in your Region
  • Family Diversity:​ ​ The Early Childhood Classroom and Making All Families Visible
  • Gender Inclusion:​ ​ What is a Gender Spectrum and How Do I Reduce Gender Bias?
  • Transgender and Non-Binary Students​:​ How to Create Inclusive Spaces for All Genders
  • Anti-Bullying & Social Emotional Learning​:​ A Welcoming Schools Approach
  • Family and School Advocacy:​ Building Coalitions for Sustainable Change


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