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Professional Development

If you are in California, we provide professional development for staff on how to create welcoming and inclusive spaces. Sign up here or read about our Access Program for Providers to get more information.


School Liaisons

Become an OFC School Liaison that receives additional training and works directly with us to support your school staff in creating a more welcoming and inclusive educational environment. If you are interested, please contact


Workshops, Events, and Trainings

Find more ways to learn about the needs of LGBTQ families, connect with families, and advocate for LGBTQ families in your community. Visit our Workshops, Events, and Trainings page.


Family Advocacy

Encourage families you know to join Our Family Coalition and Welcoming Schools in the Family Advocacy Program for Oakland schools. The goals of the program are to honor diversity, challenge gender stereotypes, and stop name-calling and teasing.


A simple, childish, brightly-colored drawing of a school bus containing children. It reads, "Welcoming Schools" and "Human Rights Campaign." 

FAIR Education Act Implementation

Integrate the historical contributions of LGBTQ people and current events related to the LGBTQ movement into social studies curricula, as mandated by California's Fair, Accurate, Inclusive, and Respectful (FAIR) Education Act. Utilize lesson plans from our FAIR Education Act website. We also recommend "100 LGBTQ Black Women You Should Know: The Epic Black History Month Megapost."


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