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Somos Familia

Somos Familia is the only organization oriented to Latino families with children who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning (LGBTQ).




Located in the East Bay, it is a primarily volunteer-run, family-driven effort, supported by many community partners. Somos Familia seeks to build the capacity of families to support their youth and to speak out on the importance of family and community acceptance. Somos Familia strives to create safe spaces for youth, families, and allies to meet together. Somos Familia works together to increase acceptance of LGBTQ people in our community to create a world where families and community allies embrace their youth of all sexual orientations, gender expressions and identities.


For more information, visit or contact Mirna at 510-872-3683 or


Camp It Up!

Camp It Up! is the family camp you've been looking for. Now in their 24th year, they’re known for one-of-a-kind gay family vacations. Camp It Up! respects and celebrates all unique families and welcomes you to find out more and join them this summer. For more information, visit the Camp It Up! website.




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